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What Are the Best Ways For an Escort to Promote Her Service Online?

August 18th, 2020

Life as an escort can be challenging. You have to face scrutiny from people who may not understand what your service entails, you might face societal pressure, and you might find that you need to get creative when it comes time to promote your services online. This is because most major social platforms with advertising features don’t allow paid escort service promotion.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways escorts can advertise themselves online, and several of these methods are completely free. After all, in order to get some clientele, you have to make sure people know your escort service exists.

Think Locally

The main thing about promoting your escort business online is to remember to think locally. Since you’re probably not running a nationwide service, you will most likely be looking for clientele in your city and its surrounding areas. There are a few simple ways you can go about doing this when you are getting ready to promote your services.

The Easiest: Create an Escort Directory

This one could be the easiest option if you are running your escort service with other girls. If you can find a local directory, you can sign up there, or you can set up a website for your escort business together with other girls. Consider hiring a web designer to get the job done right. Or, for an easier and hassle-free approach, you may purchase a ready-made escort directory script. The website should have a unique name so that it sticks out to visitors, and should feature different profiles for each of the girls in your escort business, and everyone could pitch in to cover the cost of the site’s domain and hosting.

For added ease, you could set up a way for interested potential clients to contact escorts on their own pages. Each profile in the escort directory should have a few great pictures of each escort, along with a short description of what kind of activities she enjoys and maybe a video greeting if you’d like.

Create Your Own Website if You’re a Solo Escort

Not running an escort service with other girls? No problem, you could still set up a site of your own. You don’t need to be a computer expert to set up a site these days, all you need to do is find a site builder that you’re comfortable with, such as WordPress or Wix, and design your site just the way you’d like it. Or, again, turning to a script solution available for independent escorts.

It can be simple, with a great picture of you, a description of yourself and what some of your favorite activities are, and a way that potential clients can easily get in touch with you if they’d like to request your services. On your own website, you’re in control of the content and everything else! The only downside here is you will have to pay for the site domain and hosting yourself.

Promoting Yourself

You can have an online presence, sure, but how can you really get your escort service out there if you can’t advertise on the internet’s busiest platforms? Remember, there are plenty of ways you can promote yourself completely free with a little work and some creative thinking.

Consider these ideas as a great way to net yourself some free, organic traffic to your profile or escort website.

You could set up a profile on Twitter. Twitter is the best option for escort services for several reasons, mainly because it uses hashtags to index content and the fact that it is not as restrictive as the other platforms. Instagram would be a great option, but it is a little more restrictive on the content it allows than what is allowed on Twitter.

To get yourself some free traffic and get your escort service in front of interested eyes on Twitter, create a profile on the platform. Make sure you have a great, attractive picture of yourself set to catch the eye of potential clients. You can use relevant hashtags to categorize your account and tweets to get them noticed by people who are already actively searching for them. Make sure you include links to your website or escort directory page to encourage the client to schedule an evening with you.

What to Avoid

There are a few places you should avoid posting your escort services, namely:

  • Local papers: Don’t waste your time running newspaper ads. After all, the newspaper is where most of the town’s “cheap” escorts are going to be advertising themselves. You run a classy escort service, so you want to be seen as such.
  • Craigslist: Craigslist is a platform that specializes in local ads and personals, but a ton of creepy folks have been known to hang out there. Again, you want to be seen as classy, which means you also want to attract classy and quality clientele.

Once you know a few ways to get your escort service noticed online, along with a few places to avoid, you’re ready to spread the word and paint the town red with classy clients who want to spend some time with a lady of quality.


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