Affiliate Program

February 4th, 2019

EscortScripts develops and sells maybe the most complex Escort Directory Script available on the market. We now share with you a great opportunity: you can earn 10% by promoting our software product through our new affiliate program.

Are you into the escort industry or you get in contact with people who you think that are interested into owning and operating an escort website? Do you have an affiliate blog where you promote different kind of products? Are you an influencer who earns his living from marketing others? Then you are eligible to become an EscortScripts affiliate.

All you need to do is to register through the form you see under, generate an affiliate link and promoting it. If a person clicks on your link and buys our script within the next 60 days, you will earn a 10% commission of the selling price. The 60-day period gives the customer plenty of time to test, ask questions, evaluate our software and decide to buy it.

You need it more clear? Let us share the benefits again:

10% sales commission
60 days cookie life

You can check if any sale has been done following your affiliate link. After registering, you will get an user and a password which you can use to login to the system and check if any commission was registered on your account.

At the end of each month (see Affiliate Agreement, point 6. for exceptions), we pay the commissions you’ve earned into your PayPal account (you will need to open a personal Paypal account, which is free, in case you don’t have one). There’s no minimum payout threshold, you get the fee for as many scripts you helped us sell, with an obvious minimum of one sale.

You can join our affiliate program right now by accepting our affiliate agreement ( and completing our affiliate signup form below.

Join Now and start making money!